Honda High Mileage Club

Here at Ray Price Honda we take pride in the vehicles we sell and the customers we sell them too. Honda's have developed a reputation for producing reliable vehicles capable of reaching high mileage with basic maintenance. The continued quality of these cars given their high mileage is a testament to the dedication of American Honda and Ray Price Honda puts into creating and maintaining an amazing vehicle for you.

As a Honda dealership, we wanted to give some of our customers the chance to show the
longevity of these cars well past the "dreaded" 100 mile mark. Some of these Honda's are fast approaching the half million mark while still delivering on the promise of outstanding quality and everyday reliability

Check out these individuals that became members of the Honda High Mileage Club!


Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Galvan
2002 Honda Odyssey
450,000 Miles


Ebipamone Nanakumo
2005 Honda Odyssey
355,000 Miles


Ruth Gouse
1997 Honda Accord
349,000 Miles


Nelson Frutchey
2005 Honda Accord
390,000 Miles


Stuart & Jordan Frazier
2005 Honda Accord Hybrid
326,000 Miles


Stephen Getty
2006 Honda CR-V
256,000 Miles


Meylin Sosa
2005 Honda Pilot
284,000 Miles


Kim Walker
2006 Honda Odyssey
301,000 Miles


Paul Cipriano
2005 Honda Accord
269,000 Miles


Robert Kelly Jr.
2006 Honda Ridgeline
280,000 Miles


Kathleen & Aranda Ravago
2002 Honda CR-V
250,000 Miles


Darlene Fernley
2005 Honda Element
245,000 Miles


Pamela Tabery
2002 Honda Accord
210,000 Miles


Roslyn Pasley
2005 Honda Pilot
245,000 Miles


Allan Erbe
2008 Honda Accord
225,000 Miles

Rich Cundiff
2008 Honda CR-V
220,000 Miles

Alan Baranski
2002 Honda Accord
279,000 Miles

Mr. Wright
2006 Honda Odyssey
365,000 Miles


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