Looking for a truck? There's a bevy of options to consider as you search for the right model around Easton, Jim Thorpe, Stroudsburg, Bethlehem, and East Stroudsburg. To land on the proper choice, you need to see how the Honda Ridgeline vs. Toyota Tacoma stack up to one another.

Our Ray Price Honda team wants to help you do this, so we crafted this vehicle comparison; read on to see what these trucks are all about.

Each of these trucks are heralded options within the midsize truck segment, but a deep dive into their competing specifications shows that one truck outperforms the other!

2021 Model Year

Honda Ridgeline

Toyota Tacoma

Maximum Horsepower

280 HP

278 HP

Best available audio system

8 speakers

6 speakers

Rear legroom

36.7 in.

32.6 in.

Standard touchscreen

8 in.

7 in.

Comparing Engine Outputs

First and foremost, a proper truck is going to display the type of power and capability that can help you accomplish any job. Most of this power is going to be generated from the engine. The Tacoma offers a pair of options, though none supply as much power as the Ridgeline's single, standard motor.

The sole offering in the 2021 Honda Ridgeline is a V6 that generates 280 horsepower. The standard motor of the Tacoma lags significantly behind the Honda engine, as it churns out just 159 horsepower. If you want to go all in and decide to opt for the more powerful Tacoma option, you're still going to lag behind the Honda, with only the 278-horsepower Toyota V6.

So, your horsepower options across three available engines and two models are:

  • 280-horsepower Honda Ridgeline
  • 159-horsepower Toyota Tacoma
  • 278-horsepower Toyota Tacoma

Innovative Utility

When hard at work on a construction site or while working around the house, it's nice to have a truck with innovative utility features. If we compare the beds of the Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline, we find ample space in both but a divide in terms of ease of use.

What makes the Honda Ridgeline so interesting is that it has a dual-action tailgate that opens downward like a traditional tailgate, but also can be opened sideways, like a swinging door. This dual-action setup becomes especially handy if you find yourself in tight quarters.

While the Tacoma offers many of the smart features found in the bed of the Ridgeline, it doesn't have a tailgate that offers the same level of utility.

Emphasize Your Personality

Your truck should be a reflection of your unique personality. Both Honda and Toyota make customizing the Ridgeline and Tacoma possible, but it's Honda who gives you more distinct styling options.

Take the 2021 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition as an example. The Black Edition features:

  • Crystal Black Pearl paint
  • Gloss-Black exterior molding
  • Chrome accents
  • 18-inch gloss Black alloy wheels

While the trims of the Tacoma introduce some styling alternatives, there's nothing that jumps out like the Honda Ridgeline Black Edition.

Enjoy Standard Infotainment

Even with work-ready trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and the Honda Ridgeline, infotainment is a must. The touchscreen displays in each model make it easy to access your favorite music, reach helpful navigation instructions, and much more. If you stick with the standard trim for each truck, you'll find the Ridgeline has a noticeable leg up on the Tacoma.

There are standard features shared at the base trim of each truck, most noticeably Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ technology. With these systems in place, you can pair your smartphone with the touchscreen display and begin using the screen to access applications that exist on your phone.

The touchscreens themselves are where things begin to differ. The Ridgeline comes with a standard 8-inch high resolution screen touting display audio and customizable feature settings. The standard unit of the Tacoma is a 7-inch display.

Jam Out to Your Favorite Music

During a long commute, having a stellar audio system in your truck is truly helpful. It helps you stay entertained yet also makes it easier to unwind after a long day. At both the standard and available level, the Ridgeline offers a system which outperforms that of the Tacoma.

In the base trim, the Toyota truck relies on a 6-speaker arrangement while the Ridgeline uses a 215-watt, 7-speaker setup. Plus, the Honda system has a subwoofer in place to further improve the rumble of the bass in your favorite songs.

The most impressive audio arrangement offered by the Tacoma checks in with the same number of speakers as is standard, six. The optional JBL® unit also introduces a subwoofer and an amplifier. Honda easily tops this with an 8-speaker setup that sports 540 watts of power and an accompanying subwoofer.

So, if you're an audiophile, the Ridgeline provides clearer, more robust audio than what you'll find in the Tacoma.

Getting Comfortable in the Cabin

Whether driving by yourself or shuttling around a couple of passengers, a roomy cabin goes a long way towards overall comfort. While the Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Tacoma are midsize trucks, that doesn't mean they skimp on interior roominess.

A great example is the shoulder room in the front and rear seats of the Ridgeline. If you have passengers in either row, they'll appreciate the 62 inches of front shoulder room and 61.5 inches of rear shoulder room. Those same measurements are a bit more claustrophobic in the Tacoma, measuring just 58.3 inches up front and 58.9 inches in the rear seats.

Well, what about the legroom in the second row? If you have tall passengers in those rear seats, they'll strongly prefer the airiness of the Ridgeline. The Ridgeline checks in at 36.7 inches of legroom in the back compared to just 32.6 inches in the Tacoma.

There are other interior proportions where the Ridgeline outperforms the Tacoma, too:

  • 109.7 cubic feet of total passenger volume in the Ridgeline
  • 100.1 cubic feet of total passenger volume in the Tacoma
  • 59.1 inches of front hip room in the Ridgeline
  • 57.2 inches of front hip room in the Tacoma

2021 Honda Ridgeline Bests Toyota Tacoma

With a more powerful engine, a creative tailgate, and some premier styling options, the 2021 Honda Ridgeline out-duels the Toyota Tacoma.

To see the Ridgeline in action around Easton, Jim Thorpe, Stroudsburg, Bethlehem, and East Stroudsburg, visit us at Ray Price Honda!

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