The braking system in your vehicle is extremely important, ensuring your safety when you're driving around East Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg, Bethlehem, Easton and Jim Thorpe. However, braking systems are also extremely complicated, which can cause a great deal of confusion among drivers. For example, your braking system contains both brake pads and rotors, two important parts that serve different purposes.

If you want to learn more about your braking system, then a good place to start is by learning the difference between your brake pads and rotors. Read more about brake pads and rotors to find out what roles these parts play in the continuous functioning of your vehicle's braking system.

Auto Braking System

Before we dive into the differences between brake pads and rotors, it's a good idea to understand how your braking system works. As mentioned, the braking system in your vehicle is very complicated, relying on several different processes to work properly.

When you need to stop your vehicle, you will press down on your brake pedal. This activates a hydraulic brake line that is filled with brake fluid. As the fluid moves down the brake line, it presses your vehicle's calipers. Your brake pad is positioned between your rotor and caliper. When the caliper is activated, it causes your brake pad to exert pressure on the rotor, slowing and eventually stopping your vehicle.

About Your Brake Pads

Now that you know how your braking system works, it's time to examine your brake pads and rotors in closer detail, starting with your brake pads.

As mentioned, the brake pads are a small piece that press against your rotors during braking. Brake pads usually resemble the heel of a dress shoe, potentially made from a variety of materials. However, most vehicles come with metallic brake pads, which are crafted through a combination of copper, iron, graphite and steel. Metallic brake pads are extremely resistant to wear and are much more affordable than other types of pads.

Rotor Information

While the rotors in your vehicle are considered a part of your braking system, they are actually connected to your vehicle's wheels, appearing like a metal disc. Generally, there are two types of rotors that you may find on your vehicle: drilled or slotted.

With a drilled rotor, there are small holes that have been drilled into the rotor. The purpose of these holes is to keep the surface of the rotor free from water and to make it more resistant to heat. In contrast, slotted rotors use grooves in the rotor instead of holes. However, these grooves serve the same purpose as holes, directing water and heat away off of the rotor. While slotted rotors are more durable than drilled rotors, they can cause a great deal of brake pad wear.

Service for Brake Pads and Rotors

After learning more about brake pads and rotors, you should know now that it is less about brake pads vs. rotors and more about how these two components work together to keep your vehicle's braking system functioning. If you ever have a problem with your brakes, brake pads, rotors or anything else, then you should be sure to schedule service with Ray Price Honda.

At Ray Price Honda, our service and parts department is honored to serve customers from East Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg, Bethlehem, Easton and Jim Thorpe. We are ready to work on your vehicle, so contact us today!



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